Intelligent User Interfaces

A set of technologies relating to user-adaptive user interface, content-adaptive user interfaces, and exemplary product designs.


Next generation telematics will leverage the ability to efficiently communicate between vehicles and their surroundings. 

Real Time Traffic Information:  One important advantage is the ability to immediately convey road and traffic information to vehicles before they encounter the conditions, allowing preemptive action, as desired. 

Ad Hoc Networking:  Since radio frequency spectrum is a shared resource, we propose a method for efficiently allocating spectrum.

Door Closer

The typical door closer has a preset close time, and is sprung at a level to maintain the door closed.  This leads to ergonomic difficulties.  We propose an adaptively timed door closer which includes a sensor to determine door closure timing.

Steerable Frisbee

This is a stealth mode and patent pending project, and involves use of aerodynamic forces to steer a rotating projectile in fight. Typically, the projectile is manually launched, and remains aloft by aerodynamic forces though active propulsion is possible. Because of frame rotation, typical drone gyroscopic guidance systems are unavailable, unless the sensor is suspended on a counterrotating subframe (which can also be used to suspend a camera). The device may be used as part of a game, such as Ultimate Frisbee with complex called plays.